Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Fall @ Bistro Olive

Joaquin Gustav plays incredible jazz and blues acoustic guitar while couples enjoy the early frost and ice found in the Bistro Olive Courtyard.

The Third Annual Spanksgiving was held just after Thanksgiving this year. One of the original founders of the holiday, Blissie Boucher, was sorely missed!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween 2009

Holiday Season begins at the Bistro Olive! The art collection is incredible (have you seen Sledge Roffo's work?) and the decorations couldn't be scarier! I think the next party should be slated for the crypt on the roof!

Come join us. We don't bite. Enjoy the art. Enjoy the music. Make it your new home in SL!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Featured Artist: Sledge Roffo "Primagery"

Thank you Mr. Sledge Roffo for transforming the Bistro into an art gallery again! After Gwen's departure it sat empty-- just resting and waiting for what was to become! If you have not yet ventured in to look at both floors, please wander our direction. Sledge has created a "real" gallery look with the request I remove the furniture from the upstairs. It is a wonderful transformation! Skydance in the sculptures. Dine and just enjoy the incredible wall art. Bottom line... enjoy the original work of an artist I am very proud to know!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Save the Date! Mr. Charles Coleman is coming to Marco Island!

Bistro Olive @ Marco Island proudly presents... Charles Coleman!LIVE Wednesdays, July 15& 29th!

Charles Coleman is a guitar player/singer with a unique blend of originals and covers from various bands such as Coldplay, Zepplin, Chili Peppers, STP (Stone Temple Pilots, Stone Sour and more. Charles originally playing guitar and bass and occasionally back up vocals, Coleman stumbled into doing solo material to try an open mic in Second Life and has gone from 3 songs to several sets.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank you Gwen Carillon!

A beautiful summer exhibit... worth a stroll or a sit... a meditation... or a party! Gwen has decorated the corner of Marco Island with incredible sculpture in motion. From any time of day, the light catches it and casts new kaleidoscopes of color. In the moonlight, the sparkle and heat from within burns brightly. She will have her art at the Bistro Olive through July and we encourage you to support her work. All pieces are set for sale.

Her talent is unique and breathtaking. Make sure you stroll through and soak up a small piece of Gwen's incredible imagination. "Pages from a Prim Journal" is a showcase for what art can be in SL. Enjoy!

Welcome Flo!

The Bistro Olive proudly presents a new DJ addition to the crew of extraordinarres! We had a great crowd to help us welcome DJ Flo to Marco Island! DJ Flossy Carling is from Newcastle, England and provides an incredible mix of record labels such as Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, and Fierce Angel all releasing compilation albums dedicated to the genre: trance/funky house.

Thank you for braving our crazy Bistro connaisseurs... Welcome aboard!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nina B is BACK!

We have missed having Nina B on Friday evenings. RL obligations for all of the Bistro Owners -- end of the school year festivities, graduations, hosting big conferences, and general exhaustion.

Her performance in the dining room means she can sing live from the piano and the Bistro Connoisseurs are able to enjoy fine dining, dancing alone or as a couple, and enjoy dancing out in the courtyard as well.

A late night Friday event on Marco Island ends your week with a smile and a song in your heart. Nina takes requests on Friday night and has over 100 songs on her list. Mark your calendar for next week -- you won't want to miss.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some conversations are worth saving!

[17:33] Sunn Thunders: here's a little something for you--the paint isn't dry yet...
[17:33] Kimala Kohime: aww ;)
[17:34] Sunn Thunders: a little doodle from today
[17:34] Kimala Kohime: oh ilove it!!
[17:34] Kimala Kohime: thank you so much :)
[17:34] Sunn Thunders: yw :) you are the first person in the entire world
[17:34] Kimala Kohime wipes brow... that is a lot of pressure LOL
[17:35] Sunn Thunders: i like the brushes i used
[17:35] Kimala Kohime: i was just zooming in - it looks like real paint
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: is it all digital?
[17:36] Sunn Thunders: yes :)
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: very cool!
[17:36] Sunn Thunders: <--- there's digital paint on your nose
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: LOL there is!!! i zoomed in on it
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: now i'm covered in it!
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: :)
[17:37] Sunn Thunders: ;)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Artist Celebration: Sunn Thunders

If you have not yet been to see the incredible art of Mr. Sunn Thunders at the Bistro Olive @ Marco Island... make it at the top of your list of Second Life stops! Sunn has outdone himself with Second Life photography, Real Life oils he has imported into SL, and sculpture of all kinds. There are incredible examples of his work on each floor inside the Bistro, and alluring sculpture in the courtyard area surrounding the Bistro. Each of the works is for sale with all proceeds going to the artist, himself. Please support the creativity and hard work of artisans inworld by purchasing a piece or two for your home or establishment!

And true to its mission, the Bistro Olive celebrated the artist in a big way yesterday. Coupled with the Marco Island Spring Fashion Show from Licks and Lady Traders, Bistro Olive hosted pianist Mr. Heath Elvehjem and guitarist/vocalist Mr. Joaquin Gustav. Bistro Co-Owner and DJ Clynt Easterwood wove a fantastic collection of acoustic and relaxing music selections to bridge between the 2 live musical artists.

The Bistro Olive wants to be a favorite on your list of locations to visit in Second Life. Mr. Sunn Thunders work will be on display through April and May 2009 and there are events almost every day of the week with a wide variety of live musical artists throughout each month. Cheers to everyone who helped make the day a success and a huge thank you to all those patrons who loyally supported and contributed lindens to the day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Saturday!

The incredible Joaquin Gustav - acoustical jazz, blues guitarist from Buenos Aries, Argentina -  has joined the roster of musical talent at the Bistro Olive!  You will find him serenading Marco Island residents, Bistro Olive  Connoseuirs, and Savoy Stompers.  We will share him one Saturday evening a month with Savoy but his music can waft across the sim for all.  It is too good to keep hidden.

His soft romantic guitar, the smooth accent in his speaking... the perfect way to begin a romantic Saturday evening in Second Life.  Couples dancing under the stars.  Snuggle spots throughout the sim.  Come to meet friends.  Come to sip sangria.  Come to soak up the music.

Joaquin is a highly trained guitarist, born and received his music education in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of tango. Out of his fingers comes an array of string sounds that blend the colors of Latin American culture with his own elegant performing style.
One of the hardest working musicians in SL, Joaquin never puts the guitar down. He is forever focused on giving one hundred percent to every performance. His wide range playlist includes smooth jazz, rock, tango, milonga, candombe and much more.
His magnetic charm is as appealing as his musical talent, and managed to build a very successful fan base. He has a very warm interaction with the audience, always ready for dedications and requests.
~ Joaquin Gustav, Pure Volume

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank You My Valentines!

Today was an incredible day... it isn't over yet.. but I have to make sure and say thank you to all the people who helped make Valentines and the Grand Re-Opening of the Bistro an unforgettable success.

Grand Re-Opening!

First! The Merchants of Marco Island and our estate owner: Mikki Freschi, Parker Janick, Borday Moo, Joell Jergis, Aeryn Lovenkraft, and Crighton Johin! You all were the momentum behind the celebration as you contributed your kisses and invited your friends. Thank you to those additional merchants who contributed -Quiet Sinatra, Nyna Slate, and Jenda Starbrook!

Second! Thank you to the DJs and Musicians who made the day incredible. Can you even imagine a SL without music interwoven? Busybee Beaver, Isobella Capallini, Trowzer Boa, Anek Fuchs and Gina Stella, and Joaquin Gustav.

Third! Thank you to Smilodon Carver for coordinating an incredible exhibit of art: Journey of Discovery! An exhibit commemorating Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday. Make sure to take a peek inside... and purchase a piece or two!

Finally, last but not least! Thank you to the trivia master and chief scheduler, Clynt Easterwood, the event listing and hostessing beauty, Willa Wycliffe and my RL partner in crime who can swoon with the best of them, Bigd Flanagan!

Cheers to amazing things ahead. Just you wait... that Mikki Freschi is already greasing our wheels and whispering sweet nothings of inspiration in our ears! Love you Mikki and Thank you all so much!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing Trivial About It

I'm Clynt Easterwood, one of the new co-owners of the Bistro Olive. Willa Wycliffe and I have joined the Bistro ownership team and it's an exciting time for us. We have wanted to try the club owner experience but didn't feel like starting from scratch so instead we found bigD and Kimala, the 2 best people in SL to co-own a club with. We look forward to continuing the success of the Bistro Olive but we also never want to forget that we do this for fun and entertainment. The future is bright and it's going to be a blast

I have been given the opportunity to start a Trivia event on Monday nights from 4:30 to 6:30 SLT (owning a club is one way to get to perform). I've always enjoyed trivia but have never been this involved before. Developing questions is both fun and challenging (oh and it takes more time than you would think) as you try to strike a balance of easy and tough questions. bigD provides a great background of music and we try to keep our trivia fun and hopefully funny. You may learn a few things that make you go, Hmmmm, but its not intentional. Mikki Freschi is my host and there isn't a better host around. This is my first time to take to the stage and it just makes you want more...being the center of attention seems to be okay with me. The cha ching of the tip jar is pretty intoxicating too. So come out and join us...the themes will be creative, the questions fun and the answers will have s0me humor and perhaps some scathing commentary. If you have any inspired theme ideas...shoot Clynt an IM, it would really make my day.

We're excited about our new roles, our new team and and our beloved Bistro Olive. Come by and see us.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Business Partnership!

Bistro Olive welcomes new business partnership with 
Clynt Easterwood and Willa Wycliffe!

Kimala Kohime and Bigd Flanagan are excited to announce this new partnership!  Not only do they help support the expansion of the Bistro in this new corner of the Marco Island SIM, but they bring all sorts of creative new ideas for events and activities.  Willa has worked with Friendly Fire for some time in Second Life and brings talent in event organization and hosting.  Clynt, although relatively new to SL, brings enthusiasm for trivia and and additional business possibilities for Marco.  Just wait to see what expansion comes our way.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facelift for the Bistro Olive!

New @ the Bistro Olive!

Ever reach that point where you just know it is time to sink or really really swim? Bigd Falangan and I did a lot of soul searching over the past few months. What did we really enjoy about Second Life? What did we really want to do with our time on the grid? What brought us the most laughs and the best entertainment value? Well... the Bistro came up over and over again as an answer. BUT... we always were over prim limits... thankfully we hogged our neighbor's prims, Aeryn Lovenkraft, and we had a generous landlord who didn't boot us, Jenda Starbrook. When a spot on the back of the SIM came open on Marco... our interest was peaked. Bigd and I had both sold or abandoned our land in other locations. We missed our mountaintop retreat on bel Cove. We hated lag from too many scripts and we worried about hosting events that conflicted with the neighboring venue we both love so much, the Savoy Jazz Club.

The new location was THE ANSWER! As you watch the stream of new events, we hope you'll join us. The call for artists is underway, spearheaded by the talented Smilodon Carver. We have a relaxing retreat next door - the Spa @ Marco Island - and it hosts not only foot baths, massages, and other fun things, but also a sauna up the mountain and tai-chi at the tippy top!

If you want to be a part of this exciting new location... if you hope to have an event... or just want a great place to call home and hang out... I hope you will feel welcome and join us. And... to put in a plug for the new Estate Owner - Mr. Crighton Johin - I will also mention there are townhouses and shops to rent on Marco as well. The shopping is second to none with Licks just down the way and other fun places to explore. See you online!