Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Olive" This New Venue, and So Will You!

If you weren't at Bistro Olive last Tuesday night, you're going to want to slap yourself silly. It was the grand opening of Kimala Kohime and bigd Flanagan's new, three-story venue on Marco Island, a place for art, music, and food lovers to relax and unwind, enjoy fine dining, and soak up fine artwork from in-world artists. Awesome concept AND owned by some of the best people in all the worlds!

Tuesday's grand opening gala centered around an interactive art installation by SL and RL artist, Misprint Thursday. A Kinetic Olive inspired sculpture twirled whimsically on the first floor, emitting martini glasses and enticing viewers inside. Misprint says of her inworld art, "The crossover of RL art to SL art consists of importing original fine art images into SL for morphing into kinetic sculptures," and this is embodied in her Bistro Olive installation. She describes it this way: "The sculpture incorporates movement, light, whimsy, simple repetition which offers a sense of order." Furthermore, she says, "The underpinnings of the kinetic interactive sculpture relate to the duality between the two worlds of RL and SL." And she is right—this is an olive we recognize, but this is no ordinary RL olive!

There are smaller kinetic paintings and wall hangings throughout the venue, and all of the artist's works are available for purchase. Look for Misprint elsewhere inworld—she enjoys building at the Virtual Arts Alliance Haiku speed builds which take place weekly. Misprint is also a regular contributor to "Brookyn is Watching" as well as a free spirited builder at SLOHO which is a new space for emerging artists. Misprint's art will be up through mid-August.

And this is no ordinary music venue, either. Christening the 2nd floor stage Tuesday night was CQ Bravin, a fantastic SL and RL singer songwriter, whose original indie/folk songs and remarkable covers will blow you away. In RL, CQ Bravin is " The Colorful Quiet," and has released several albums, the most recent being "Elevation is the Key to Flight." One of his singles spent over 30 weeks on the iTunes Top 100 Folk Chart, and it's easy to see why. CQ's smooth voice, crisp guitar work and humble stage presence make for a wonderful listening experience. You simply must hear CQ, and lucky for you and all of us, he plays often in SL. A calendar of his dates can be found here.

The Bistro Olive venue itself is awesome! The first floor, with its loft-like airy space, is perfect for art installations of any sort. The second floor has a full bar and a cozy sofa and fireplace, with plenty of room for dancing and listening to music. The third floor has a grand piano, lush carpeting, intimate dining space, and a romantic balcony. Be sure to check out all the options on the dining menu; you can have a complete romantic lobster dinner for two, or something lighter, complete with the china pattern of your choice!

Bistro Olive is a wonderful place to indulge your love for art, music, food and great atmosphere. Check it out as soon as you can!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vicious Rumor... EASY Lindens to be had

WAIT! Before you run away with hands screaming in the air, PLEASE take some time to consider participating!

In an effort to promote Bistro Olive, we would like to entice you to do the following things:
  1. Join the Bistro Olive@ Marco Island group
  2. Add Bistro Olive to your profile picks
  3. Add a link in your blogroll to Bistro Olive
  4. Post a blog entry about your experience at Bistro Olive

For the MOST CREATIVE profile pick selections and blog posts, you will be rewarded a most generous $1000L! You are only eligible to win one of the two areas, but we would be most appreciative if you are willing to participate in all activities.

Winners will be announced at the 2nd Bistro Olive Artist Reception in mid-August. Watch the blog and stop by the Bistro in-world for more information.

YOU are Cordially Invited!

Bistro Olive ~ Grand Opening & Artist Celebration for Misprint Thursday, July 29 ~ 8:30 pm SLT!

Come join us for a special evening to celebrate good friends, great art, fine food and beautiful music! SL/RL musical artist CQ Bravin will perform starting at 8:30 pm SLT. His one hour acoustical guitar and vocals is an experience not to be missed! Tour the interactive art gallery exhibit on the ground floor that Misprint Tuesday has orchestrated or soak up the ambience in the bar or fine dining areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Make sure to mark your calendar and be a part of this special event on Marco Island! Make an evening out of it by stopping by the other Marco Island venues including the Savoy Jazz Club.

Click here to follow this link into Second Life and join the party!