Friday, September 26, 2008

Help Celebrate the SLart of Eliza Flanagan & Timber Watkins!

In honor of the incredible photography from first floor to third - we have a special performance by an amazing woman! Join us! It is a fantastic way to spend your Friday afternoon... guaranteed!

Every Picture tells a Story

I do hope you take the opportunity to come by the Bistro and check out the work of Timber Watkins and Eliza Flanagan. Their photographs currently adorn the walls, three floors worth, of the Bistro.

Their photos are portraits and studies in various forms. The portraits are incredibly nuanced and seem to draw you into the person that is being represented. Other subjects include a variety of topics from classic cars, and buildings and even more!

Both of these gifted individuals have an eye for detail and the use of a camera to convey mood and feeling. The Bistro is fortunate to have two such talented artists showing how well they work together.

I know after viewing their work, I spoke to Timber about having my portrait done. Its very exciting! Maybe you should consider it too. Of course, all of the work that graces the walls is for purchase. Any purchase you make by Mr. Watkins or Ms. Flanagan (I just love that name:)), will be a superb addition to your SLart collection.

Please stop on by and enjoy their creations. Remember we always have events on the weekend so you can have some fun with friends or future friends and take in the work of Flanagan and Watkins. I wonder if Timber or Eliza do surf photography? Hmmmmm. See you at the Bistro soon!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Embarking on some new twists!

The Bistro Olive began as a way for me to decorate some new SL space from top to bottom and try to create something unique within SL that allows people to enjoy themselves, just hang out with or without events, and celebrate special occasions. I have always loved having people over to my home but people don't feel free to just drop in I think because it is secluded on an open water sim. I appreciate that and enjoy my privacy there. But... I hate interrupting people on IM all the time and sometimes just enjoy the opportunity to meet passers by. Shopping to death in SL doesn't always prove conducive to that.

I also have found that places tend to become stale. An over abundance of events can become just as ineffective as not enough. The familiar surroundings of a SL venue can lead to boredom and wanderlust in club frequenters. The idea of combining rotating art exhibits from top to bottom seemed to be a unique spin to keep interest. Besides... what could be better than turning over 3 floors to someone with amazing artistic inspiration and saying... please... have at it! It certainly fills my redecorating need in a most selfish way. And, I hope it fills the artists' need to share their work and even sell a few pieces. (The Bistro does not make any cut off of artist sales and I think that is SO important! Artists don't make enough $$ as it is!)

Live music is also something that fascinates me in SL. I have great respect for those individuals who not only choose to share their voice, but choose to share their soul through music they have composed or music they are willing to cover. Vocals are way more difficult than people realize and most of the music we hear has had layers and layers of work done to enhance the sound - the tone, and the pitch. Kudos to all live musicians in SL and I can only tell you the longer I am in SL the longer my list grows of beautiful musicians of all kinds that I hope to have perform at the Bistro. If only my linden wallet were a little fatter.

Finally, going back to the roots of fun in SL for me is the live DJ event. My bestest friends in SL have been found and friended at gigs and I still think that music is one of the things that brings people together beyond all others. Nothing better than cranking up a tune really loud that reminds you of that one favorite time when... Nothing better than letting that SL music bleed into your RL as you dance around with your kids and let them come to love the tunes that are so near and dear to your heart.

So... it is in keeping with all those loves that I introduce you to and encourage you to be a part of 3 musical DJ events at the Bistro Olive:

We had a great crowd yesterday and Tali definitely had the Shaken not Stirred vibe going as he combined Hot Tuna with Santanta and Matchbox 20 and Metallica and Bryan Adams. SL was NOT victorious in keeping loyal connoisseurs away. Thank you to those who joined us. (1:30-3:30 pm SLT)

I hope you will join us for the Blue Olive event with Borday Moo! This will be the third time he has taken over the stream at the Olive and most definitely not the last :) He has that deep sexy voice and laugh that colors everything anything but blue. His lovely Blissie Boucher will most definitely be there to lure you in with delectable treats. Coloring the Olive blue on Sunday was definitely a selfish decision on my part. I'm most certain you need to join us! (4-6 pm SLT)

Coming later in September to add to our new twist is DJ Crighton Johin with O-Live Rock n Roll. He will take over the stream from 6 - 8 pm on Monday evenings and hopefully not rock the place so hard that the glasses in the bar will break. Look for him to join us starting September 22.

The lovely Cataplexia Numbers' Visual Poetry exhibit still decorates the Bistro from top to bottom and I hope you take the time to slip a few sculptures and visual pieces into your inventory before it is gone. My love affair with the Bistro artists is tumultuous as I can never envision what the place will look like as one moves out and another moves in. But... cheers to her talent and hard work. Come by and enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Libations at the Olive

It was a fun holiday party when several gathered for "Martini Monday" at the Bistro Olive in celebration of Labor Day. The drinks were festive (dry or blue olive martinis), and DJ Taliesin Ceawlin played a great selection of acoustic rock tunes. There was a lot of dancing, laughing, and fun. Owners Kimala Kohime and bigd Flanagan have created a wonderful venue, classy but friendly, one of those places where it feels like "everybody knows your name." Even Mister Health Inspector had his own chair and asked frequently if everyone had washed their hands. Bribes were offered, but no one knows if any were taken!

On all three floors of the Bistro, "Visual Poetry," the art exhibit by Cataplexia Numbers, enticed the attendees. Her colorful paintings and sculpture are available for purchase, and definitely worth a visit to the Bistro.

Since most Mondays find us at our desks, the next celebration will move to Saturday afternoons at 1:30 pm. "Shaken, Not Stirred Saturday" will no doubt be a regular stop for SL weekend fun.

See you there!

Raining Cats.....dogs better watch out!!

Our newest artist exhibiting her work is Cataplexia Numbers. She definately has it going with her study of the female form and the city she may inhabit. The colors invigorate you while the form comforts you. Cat's painting of the Twin Towers simultaneously squeezes your heart and makes you nod with pride. Its that way with all her work really. You can connect with it on so many levels. Her work is all for sale and would be a welcome addition to anyones art collection. I know it is to mine.

The opening was exciting and well attended. Over 29 names to shout out a big thank you to for attending. Tauri Tigerpaw was well loved and a beautiful compliment to the asthetics of Cataplexia's art.

Please swing by the Bistro and take in her work. There are three floors to explore that will give you a glimpse into her perspective on the world. Its well worth the trip and the time. Make sure to spruce up that SL home or skybox with Cat's work. This is one Cat you will not be allergic to!!

NOTE: Many thanks also to Parker Janick for her fine photography work!