Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olive Blue!

Hey, hey!

If you didn't catch Olive Blue, the Sunday evening blues show with DJ Borday last week, here's your second chance!

Join us at the Bistro in the bar area from 5-7 PM SLT as DJ Borday spins his sexy blues for your enjoyment.

So grab a ride and come on down for THE most relaxing time in Second Life.

See you there!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is THIS on YOUR calendar?

YOU are Invited: Thursday, August 28 ~ 6 pm SLT

The Bistro Olive @ Marco Island is proud to present SL artist, Cataplexia Numbers in her exhibition titled Visual Poetry!

Her work offers a mix of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional artistic creations. Sculpture, pastels, and drawings offer visitors to the Bistro an artistic feast from the gallery floor, to the bar and lounge, to the lofty 3rd floor fine dining. Her work offers the audience a chance to reflect on the journey of the human spirit... as an individual and as a resident of city life triumphing beyond 9/11. Her expressions of the female form honor all kinds of beauty.

Make sure you mark your calendars to come celebrate her artistic contributions to Second Life and her show at the Bistro! Thursday, August 28 at 6 pm SLT acoustic guitar & singer Tauri Tigerpaw will provide live entertainment for this celebration.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now I've seen it... olive was a gas. Borday was playing some great tunes. He works hard finding the stuff you don't hear that often and listening to his set, it really shows. Bliss was there just keeping the good times going throughout. Saw a lot of new faces who really added to the fun of the occasion.

Special shout outs to: Jenda Starbrook, Cassidy Pevensey, Tgirl1981 Alter, Zorich Osterham, Madysen Quandry, mikki Freschi,Blissie Boucher, Borday Moo, Aeryn Lovenkraft, Kali Kessel, EhricSoderstrom, Busybee Beaver, Leanna Chaffe, Yordie Sands, Joonie Jatho,Yassine Yalin, Major Stoneage, ElvisOtis Ember, Gabrielle Reina,Debbie Rau, curmudgeon Krasner, Joell Jurgis, greta Wirefly, TaliesinCeawlin, Kinsey Hotshot, CadMan Parx, Merryl Parx, VErROniKcaQuintessa, mini Quandry! Love you guys....

I hope you can join us next Sunday and be part of it again. Your participation is always appreciated greatly. We at The Bistro relaize you have many choices and we are honored when you chose us;). See you then!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goodbye Olive Art! Misprint Thursday - Bistro Olive Inagural Exhibit

Thank you Misprint Thursday! You happened into my life one day as I relaxed in a very cool sculpture tree at Starbrooks Coffeehouse. Jenda Starbrook had asked Misprint to provide a sculpture for her Moxie SIM. In my never-ending brainstorming way, I contacted Misprint to see if she could create a palmtree sculpture for my island. She did and it is beautiful. I then continued down the brainstorm path to see what she thought about the idea of a fine dining establishment - lounge - art gallery. Then... I coherced her further into being our inaugural artist. Her enthusiasm never waned and she took on the challenge of crafting masterpieces for all 3 floors.

We have been so fortunate to have a steady stream of visitors to the Bistro each day since her exhibit went up! Her floating olive sparkles waft through the Shops @ Marco Island sim, and across to the Savoy Jazz Club.

I will miss her artistic flair around the Bistro. I will forever appreciate her willingness to Carpe Diem with regards to my crazy imagination. I look forward to an Olive Art II somewhere down the line. And... I look forward to all the other artists she has sent our way. It is no doubt I will feel that same twinge of sadness when their art must go as well.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Poll Results

What makes a date spot hot in SL is overwhelmingly a relaxed environment where you can hang out with your nearest and dearest friends. Very interesting when you think of all the entertainment options available here in SL, just shows what social creatures we really are. Well, most of us are anyway.

Listening to good music and enjoying some other cultural happening also had a strong showing. The combination of enjoyable sounds and something that is aesthetically appealing is a hard one to top.

Even the intimate dinner between two people that want to get lost in one another was mentioned. Romance lives and will not be denied.

If you couldn't see this can do all three at the Bistro! Bring yourself and some friends and just kick it. If you get tired of the hectic club scene, check us out! We have live music at the Bistro! Stay tuned for the next live performer on tap in conjunction with our newest artist. Finally, enjoy the dining options and just be with that certain someone. We have some very romantic poseballs for you and your paramour to enjoy;). I promise if you choose this option, I will stay away. LOL

Monday, August 4, 2008

Incredible Artist Olive (I love): Misprint Thursday! (even on a Tuesday)

Misprint Thursday is our inaugural featured artist at the Bistro Olive. Her work has barely been up one week and already I can't picture our venue without her touch. She eagerly accepted the challenge when we talked about a month ago, kicking the ideas around and trying to decide what would become of our business concept. Today she is an amazing force throughout all three floors of the Bistro.

You can find out more about her artwork - specifically her show at the Bistro Olive in other blogs and podcasts!

Many of you may not know that the Bistro underwent some serious renovations the day of the Grand Opening. The Shops @ Marco Island builder agreed to put in some internal stairs. She connected the gallery to the upper levels. It united the end units in a much more cohesive way than we had done on our own with teleporters. Misprint was unavailable that day until about 2 hours before the opening. She gracefully accepted the changes and worked with the modifications that needed to be made on the 2nd floor due to the changes in the stairwell. It would have been hard for any designer, but for an artist who had designed the flow of her work, the play of the light on the walls and the ceiling, it put an exceptional dent in the last minute preparations.

Misprint entertained guests throughout the evening. She had welcomed passersby the day before and invited new guests as she worked to assemble the exhibit. She continues to have fans drop by and now I meet her admirers when I am out exploring as well. Misprint has made quite an impression on the art world of SL. She can be found secretly creating objects out over the ocean off the pier at Savoy while others are dancing to straight jazz. She can be found just enjoying a quiet moment at a table at the Bistro. She is someone I hope you take the time to get to know - even if it is only through her art you can explore.

Olive (I love) Misprint Thursday! (and just so you know... I can't help calling her Misprint Tuesday because we had her opening on a Tuesday... OOPS!!!) Make sure you schedule a trip to the Shops @ Marco Island before her exhibit closes in mid-August. Spend a few extra Lindens to purchase one of her beautiful pieces - as far as art goes, hers is amazingly affordable. Enjoy and soak it up... the olive sparkles wafting through the air on Marco Island won't last long!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Call For Entries!

Bistro Olive has an open and ongoing call for entries for art. All media will be considered. This an exciting place to feature your contributions to Second Life!

bigd Flanagan and I would love to have a chance to showcase your work as an artist in the SL community! Our goal at the Bistro is to offer patrons a fine dining experience like no other on SL.

All 3 floors are available for art installation... Relaxing in the bar, enjoying good music, good friends, and experience art is one venue. Dining in a romantic setting either on the outdoor patio or indoors by the piano is another venue. The Collezione Speciale is the gallery ground floor level where you can create the look and feel of the space with your art. Any and all of these are open to you as our featured artist.

There is no cost and we do not take any commission for your work. We offer to host you a reception with music and lots of publicity. We love live SL acts in particular. You can publicized and sell any and all of your work also. We simply ask you commit to having your work on display for 2-3 weeks at the Bistro.

I look forward to hearing from you - notecard or email:! In your note, please include a contact as well as a LM or picture to show a sample of your work. Please note you will have approximately 30-40 prims to work with across all 3 floors.


Kimala Kohime