Sunday, April 5, 2009

Artist Celebration: Sunn Thunders

If you have not yet been to see the incredible art of Mr. Sunn Thunders at the Bistro Olive @ Marco Island... make it at the top of your list of Second Life stops! Sunn has outdone himself with Second Life photography, Real Life oils he has imported into SL, and sculpture of all kinds. There are incredible examples of his work on each floor inside the Bistro, and alluring sculpture in the courtyard area surrounding the Bistro. Each of the works is for sale with all proceeds going to the artist, himself. Please support the creativity and hard work of artisans inworld by purchasing a piece or two for your home or establishment!

And true to its mission, the Bistro Olive celebrated the artist in a big way yesterday. Coupled with the Marco Island Spring Fashion Show from Licks and Lady Traders, Bistro Olive hosted pianist Mr. Heath Elvehjem and guitarist/vocalist Mr. Joaquin Gustav. Bistro Co-Owner and DJ Clynt Easterwood wove a fantastic collection of acoustic and relaxing music selections to bridge between the 2 live musical artists.

The Bistro Olive wants to be a favorite on your list of locations to visit in Second Life. Mr. Sunn Thunders work will be on display through April and May 2009 and there are events almost every day of the week with a wide variety of live musical artists throughout each month. Cheers to everyone who helped make the day a success and a huge thank you to all those patrons who loyally supported and contributed lindens to the day!

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