Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nina B is BACK!

We have missed having Nina B on Friday evenings. RL obligations for all of the Bistro Owners -- end of the school year festivities, graduations, hosting big conferences, and general exhaustion.

Her performance in the dining room means she can sing live from the piano and the Bistro Connoisseurs are able to enjoy fine dining, dancing alone or as a couple, and enjoy dancing out in the courtyard as well.

A late night Friday event on Marco Island ends your week with a smile and a song in your heart. Nina takes requests on Friday night and has over 100 songs on her list. Mark your calendar for next week -- you won't want to miss.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some conversations are worth saving!

[17:33] Sunn Thunders: here's a little something for you--the paint isn't dry yet...
[17:33] Kimala Kohime: aww ;)
[17:34] Sunn Thunders: a little doodle from today
[17:34] Kimala Kohime: oh ilove it!!
[17:34] Kimala Kohime: thank you so much :)
[17:34] Sunn Thunders: yw :) you are the first person in the entire world
[17:34] Kimala Kohime wipes brow... that is a lot of pressure LOL
[17:35] Sunn Thunders: i like the brushes i used
[17:35] Kimala Kohime: i was just zooming in - it looks like real paint
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: is it all digital?
[17:36] Sunn Thunders: yes :)
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: very cool!
[17:36] Sunn Thunders: <--- there's digital paint on your nose
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: LOL there is!!! i zoomed in on it
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: now i'm covered in it!
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: :)
[17:37] Sunn Thunders: ;)