Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Fall @ Bistro Olive

Joaquin Gustav plays incredible jazz and blues acoustic guitar while couples enjoy the early frost and ice found in the Bistro Olive Courtyard.

The Third Annual Spanksgiving was held just after Thanksgiving this year. One of the original founders of the holiday, Blissie Boucher, was sorely missed!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween 2009

Holiday Season begins at the Bistro Olive! The art collection is incredible (have you seen Sledge Roffo's work?) and the decorations couldn't be scarier! I think the next party should be slated for the crypt on the roof!

Come join us. We don't bite. Enjoy the art. Enjoy the music. Make it your new home in SL!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Featured Artist: Sledge Roffo "Primagery"

Thank you Mr. Sledge Roffo for transforming the Bistro into an art gallery again! After Gwen's departure it sat empty-- just resting and waiting for what was to become! If you have not yet ventured in to look at both floors, please wander our direction. Sledge has created a "real" gallery look with the request I remove the furniture from the upstairs. It is a wonderful transformation! Skydance in the sculptures. Dine and just enjoy the incredible wall art. Bottom line... enjoy the original work of an artist I am very proud to know!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Save the Date! Mr. Charles Coleman is coming to Marco Island!

Bistro Olive @ Marco Island proudly presents... Charles Coleman!LIVE Wednesdays, July 15& 29th!

Charles Coleman is a guitar player/singer with a unique blend of originals and covers from various bands such as Coldplay, Zepplin, Chili Peppers, STP (Stone Temple Pilots, Stone Sour and more. Charles originally playing guitar and bass and occasionally back up vocals, Coleman stumbled into doing solo material to try an open mic in Second Life and has gone from 3 songs to several sets.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank you Gwen Carillon!

A beautiful summer exhibit... worth a stroll or a sit... a meditation... or a party! Gwen has decorated the corner of Marco Island with incredible sculpture in motion. From any time of day, the light catches it and casts new kaleidoscopes of color. In the moonlight, the sparkle and heat from within burns brightly. She will have her art at the Bistro Olive through July and we encourage you to support her work. All pieces are set for sale.

Her talent is unique and breathtaking. Make sure you stroll through and soak up a small piece of Gwen's incredible imagination. "Pages from a Prim Journal" is a showcase for what art can be in SL. Enjoy!

Welcome Flo!

The Bistro Olive proudly presents a new DJ addition to the crew of extraordinarres! We had a great crowd to help us welcome DJ Flo to Marco Island! DJ Flossy Carling is from Newcastle, England and provides an incredible mix of record labels such as Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, and Fierce Angel all releasing compilation albums dedicated to the genre: trance/funky house.

Thank you for braving our crazy Bistro connaisseurs... Welcome aboard!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nina B is BACK!

We have missed having Nina B on Friday evenings. RL obligations for all of the Bistro Owners -- end of the school year festivities, graduations, hosting big conferences, and general exhaustion.

Her performance in the dining room means she can sing live from the piano and the Bistro Connoisseurs are able to enjoy fine dining, dancing alone or as a couple, and enjoy dancing out in the courtyard as well.

A late night Friday event on Marco Island ends your week with a smile and a song in your heart. Nina takes requests on Friday night and has over 100 songs on her list. Mark your calendar for next week -- you won't want to miss.