Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank You My Valentines!

Today was an incredible day... it isn't over yet.. but I have to make sure and say thank you to all the people who helped make Valentines and the Grand Re-Opening of the Bistro an unforgettable success.

Grand Re-Opening!

First! The Merchants of Marco Island and our estate owner: Mikki Freschi, Parker Janick, Borday Moo, Joell Jergis, Aeryn Lovenkraft, and Crighton Johin! You all were the momentum behind the celebration as you contributed your kisses and invited your friends. Thank you to those additional merchants who contributed -Quiet Sinatra, Nyna Slate, and Jenda Starbrook!

Second! Thank you to the DJs and Musicians who made the day incredible. Can you even imagine a SL without music interwoven? Busybee Beaver, Isobella Capallini, Trowzer Boa, Anek Fuchs and Gina Stella, and Joaquin Gustav.

Third! Thank you to Smilodon Carver for coordinating an incredible exhibit of art: Journey of Discovery! An exhibit commemorating Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday. Make sure to take a peek inside... and purchase a piece or two!

Finally, last but not least! Thank you to the trivia master and chief scheduler, Clynt Easterwood, the event listing and hostessing beauty, Willa Wycliffe and my RL partner in crime who can swoon with the best of them, Bigd Flanagan!

Cheers to amazing things ahead. Just you wait... that Mikki Freschi is already greasing our wheels and whispering sweet nothings of inspiration in our ears! Love you Mikki and Thank you all so much!

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Parker said...

I am so utterly sorry I couldn't be there for the whole thing and the most of what I was there for I don't really remember much of. However, what I do remember was absolutely amazing just like the owners of Bistro Olive. And while I don't celebrate V-Day you were the sweetest sweets that there ever was to exist. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your spectacular day.