Sunday, November 2, 2008

Call for Entries - In an unusual way

I know it has been way too long since you've heard from anyone at the Bistro.  BUT, I hope you will consider joining us this month in a celebration of things we are thankful for.  No matter where you live, no matter your customs or background, everyone has things they hold near and dear - things, people, places.  Take some time to think about those and join us this month.  Send a picture and a notecard - a sculpture and a notecard - an object of some sort and a notecard.  Tell us what you are thankful for.  My hope is to have the art from the first to the third floors representing all that is important to us - all that we are thankful for.

The collection so far is small, but mighty.  We started in the upper floor, by the fireplace.  Three photos with notecards inside.  I hope you'll stop by to admire, enjoy, and then contribute your thankful thoughts.