Friday, June 12, 2009

Some conversations are worth saving!

[17:33] Sunn Thunders: here's a little something for you--the paint isn't dry yet...
[17:33] Kimala Kohime: aww ;)
[17:34] Sunn Thunders: a little doodle from today
[17:34] Kimala Kohime: oh ilove it!!
[17:34] Kimala Kohime: thank you so much :)
[17:34] Sunn Thunders: yw :) you are the first person in the entire world
[17:34] Kimala Kohime wipes brow... that is a lot of pressure LOL
[17:35] Sunn Thunders: i like the brushes i used
[17:35] Kimala Kohime: i was just zooming in - it looks like real paint
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: is it all digital?
[17:36] Sunn Thunders: yes :)
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: very cool!
[17:36] Sunn Thunders: <--- there's digital paint on your nose
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: LOL there is!!! i zoomed in on it
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: now i'm covered in it!
[17:36] Kimala Kohime: :)
[17:37] Sunn Thunders: ;)

1 comment:

Parker said...

Lovely piece. Need to go and see it in SLperson