Monday, September 1, 2008

Raining Cats.....dogs better watch out!!

Our newest artist exhibiting her work is Cataplexia Numbers. She definately has it going with her study of the female form and the city she may inhabit. The colors invigorate you while the form comforts you. Cat's painting of the Twin Towers simultaneously squeezes your heart and makes you nod with pride. Its that way with all her work really. You can connect with it on so many levels. Her work is all for sale and would be a welcome addition to anyones art collection. I know it is to mine.

The opening was exciting and well attended. Over 29 names to shout out a big thank you to for attending. Tauri Tigerpaw was well loved and a beautiful compliment to the asthetics of Cataplexia's art.

Please swing by the Bistro and take in her work. There are three floors to explore that will give you a glimpse into her perspective on the world. Its well worth the trip and the time. Make sure to spruce up that SL home or skybox with Cat's work. This is one Cat you will not be allergic to!!

NOTE: Many thanks also to Parker Janick for her fine photography work!

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