Friday, September 26, 2008

Every Picture tells a Story

I do hope you take the opportunity to come by the Bistro and check out the work of Timber Watkins and Eliza Flanagan. Their photographs currently adorn the walls, three floors worth, of the Bistro.

Their photos are portraits and studies in various forms. The portraits are incredibly nuanced and seem to draw you into the person that is being represented. Other subjects include a variety of topics from classic cars, and buildings and even more!

Both of these gifted individuals have an eye for detail and the use of a camera to convey mood and feeling. The Bistro is fortunate to have two such talented artists showing how well they work together.

I know after viewing their work, I spoke to Timber about having my portrait done. Its very exciting! Maybe you should consider it too. Of course, all of the work that graces the walls is for purchase. Any purchase you make by Mr. Watkins or Ms. Flanagan (I just love that name:)), will be a superb addition to your SLart collection.

Please stop on by and enjoy their creations. Remember we always have events on the weekend so you can have some fun with friends or future friends and take in the work of Flanagan and Watkins. I wonder if Timber or Eliza do surf photography? Hmmmmm. See you at the Bistro soon!!

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Parker said...

These two are amazing for sure. I have purchased a piece and it now hangs proudly in my pub.

I encourage everyone to go by yourself to take your time and really enjoy each piece. Go with friends and share your experiences with the pieces. Or, take your sweetie and share the wonderful art while dinning on a 5 star menu. There are so many things to enjoy at Bistro Olive. Take your time and come back again and again.