Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Libations at the Olive

It was a fun holiday party when several gathered for "Martini Monday" at the Bistro Olive in celebration of Labor Day. The drinks were festive (dry or blue olive martinis), and DJ Taliesin Ceawlin played a great selection of acoustic rock tunes. There was a lot of dancing, laughing, and fun. Owners Kimala Kohime and bigd Flanagan have created a wonderful venue, classy but friendly, one of those places where it feels like "everybody knows your name." Even Mister Health Inspector had his own chair and asked frequently if everyone had washed their hands. Bribes were offered, but no one knows if any were taken!

On all three floors of the Bistro, "Visual Poetry," the art exhibit by Cataplexia Numbers, enticed the attendees. Her colorful paintings and sculpture are available for purchase, and definitely worth a visit to the Bistro.

Since most Mondays find us at our desks, the next celebration will move to Saturday afternoons at 1:30 pm. "Shaken, Not Stirred Saturday" will no doubt be a regular stop for SL weekend fun.

See you there!

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Kimala said...

I always KNEW Joonie was busy talking to that Mr. Health Inspector :)

Thank Joonie for coming yesterday and blogging too! Happy Monday :)