Saturday, August 9, 2008

Poll Results

What makes a date spot hot in SL is overwhelmingly a relaxed environment where you can hang out with your nearest and dearest friends. Very interesting when you think of all the entertainment options available here in SL, just shows what social creatures we really are. Well, most of us are anyway.

Listening to good music and enjoying some other cultural happening also had a strong showing. The combination of enjoyable sounds and something that is aesthetically appealing is a hard one to top.

Even the intimate dinner between two people that want to get lost in one another was mentioned. Romance lives and will not be denied.

If you couldn't see this can do all three at the Bistro! Bring yourself and some friends and just kick it. If you get tired of the hectic club scene, check us out! We have live music at the Bistro! Stay tuned for the next live performer on tap in conjunction with our newest artist. Finally, enjoy the dining options and just be with that certain someone. We have some very romantic poseballs for you and your paramour to enjoy;). I promise if you choose this option, I will stay away. LOL

1 comment:

Parker said...

I am a very big fan of this location for gathering with friends. Just wish the music were a bit more romantic, but overall I recommend this spot to everyone.

The owners are the kindest people and very enthusiastic about the bistro and all that it can be.

The artists,are only the absolute best in Second Life.

The entertainers for the receptions are nothing less then perfection especially when combined with all the other aspects of this wonderful spot.

So bring yourself...Bring your sweetie....Bring your peeps. Just come out and check out this amazing new HOT SPOT in Second Life.