Friday, August 1, 2008

Call For Entries!

Bistro Olive has an open and ongoing call for entries for art. All media will be considered. This an exciting place to feature your contributions to Second Life!

bigd Flanagan and I would love to have a chance to showcase your work as an artist in the SL community! Our goal at the Bistro is to offer patrons a fine dining experience like no other on SL.

All 3 floors are available for art installation... Relaxing in the bar, enjoying good music, good friends, and experience art is one venue. Dining in a romantic setting either on the outdoor patio or indoors by the piano is another venue. The Collezione Speciale is the gallery ground floor level where you can create the look and feel of the space with your art. Any and all of these are open to you as our featured artist.

There is no cost and we do not take any commission for your work. We offer to host you a reception with music and lots of publicity. We love live SL acts in particular. You can publicized and sell any and all of your work also. We simply ask you commit to having your work on display for 2-3 weeks at the Bistro.

I look forward to hearing from you - notecard or email:! In your note, please include a contact as well as a LM or picture to show a sample of your work. Please note you will have approximately 30-40 prims to work with across all 3 floors.


Kimala Kohime


Parker said...

Dang, I wish I were an artist or had some talent that could be exploited in this manner. Oh well. I will just help you build up those who are talented in that way.

I give Bistro Olive two thumbs up and five stars (can I give more?).

Kimala said...

Thank you Parker :) I am hopeful we have some entries from interested artists submitted soon!