Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goodbye Olive Art! Misprint Thursday - Bistro Olive Inagural Exhibit

Thank you Misprint Thursday! You happened into my life one day as I relaxed in a very cool sculpture tree at Starbrooks Coffeehouse. Jenda Starbrook had asked Misprint to provide a sculpture for her Moxie SIM. In my never-ending brainstorming way, I contacted Misprint to see if she could create a palmtree sculpture for my island. She did and it is beautiful. I then continued down the brainstorm path to see what she thought about the idea of a fine dining establishment - lounge - art gallery. Then... I coherced her further into being our inaugural artist. Her enthusiasm never waned and she took on the challenge of crafting masterpieces for all 3 floors.

We have been so fortunate to have a steady stream of visitors to the Bistro each day since her exhibit went up! Her floating olive sparkles waft through the Shops @ Marco Island sim, and across to the Savoy Jazz Club.

I will miss her artistic flair around the Bistro. I will forever appreciate her willingness to Carpe Diem with regards to my crazy imagination. I look forward to an Olive Art II somewhere down the line. And... I look forward to all the other artists she has sent our way. It is no doubt I will feel that same twinge of sadness when their art must go as well.


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bigd Flanagan said...

You always remember your first:) Love you Mis and thanks so much for everything. Now about that surf collaboration......