Sunday, December 7, 2008

You're a mean one... Mr. Grinch

Sometimes life causes you to think out of the box. The best laid plans for a Christmas exhibit just weren't feasible on Marco given the high number of scripts and textures. So I took the liberty of cleaning house and starting over. Crighton Johin said it looked like the Grinch had been here and cleaned us out. Feeling rather Grinch-like... an idea was born.

We won't be hosting regular events any more at the Bistro. The original intent wasn't about events anyway. It was about art. It was about hanging out. It was about good friends. For some reason people seem to take friends and events for granted. It is a lot of work for the people putting them on. When someone decides to quit, it can and does have a domino effect. The Grinch stole a lot this season... it was like we transitioned from Thankfulness to I'm not sure what. Either way eventually the Grinch does grow a heart. Maybe that will happen at the Bistro too. Come by and enjoy a crunch in the snow. Sit on Santa's lap (just don't forget to bring your own Santa) and just enjoy. If you look in the right place, you'll find a heart - for you, and for the Grinch.


bigd Flanagan said...

It is a season for looking for the heart in all out there. Its there, its there....

Parker said...

Change can be a good thing. I was doing some inventory checking in my heart and found Kimalala, My SurferBoy, Ms. blissfulness, Crightonian, Aeryn, Do I have room to name all of them?

If I recall the story, yes, the Grinch grew a heart. However, it showed that no matter what the Grinch stole, the love was still there. He couldn't steal the heart.