Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Holidays from The Bistro...

I was checking out the Bistro blog and noticed that there hasn't been an entry since early November 2. Blogging has been a task lately and I feel bad about this blog being neglected. I figured an update may be in order.

To be honest, the Bistro is morphing. Some changes are in the wind. We even gave thought to just closing it down all together but our sense of sentiment won out and we kept it. It means something to us and we didn't like the idea of letting it go.

I think we did ourselves a big favor when, at the outset, Kim and I decided we had no pretentions to turn a buck with it. Never have, never will. It just a spot, you know. We are at the point were we have grown weary of asking people to come to events. If they come great!!, if not its cool.

I've enjoyed playing around with the stream and being a wannabe DJ. It's a laugh and to be truthful our kids love helping and talking on the headset. It's fun to be involved with them online! I'll just do it at the Bistro I'm thinking and I work dirt cheap :).

We have no special holiday gatherings planned. The Bistro is available if you would like to engage it for some holiday function. Just swing by and lets us know what you are thinking. Could tie it in with some dance thing at Savoy if you like.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the coming year. I think we are all due for a good one. Happy Holidays!!

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