Friday, October 10, 2008

Spooky Sculpties

The Bistro is dressed from 1st floor to 3rd with Halloween happenings. From afar, you will spot the moon and the circling bats. You might spot the gate or notice a spooky tree has replaced the olive tree up top. Things have changed. Things are much much different this month. Mwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaaa!

On the first floor... and sneaking a bit onto the second... you'll find translucent phantom prims in black and orange and purple created especially for a Bistro Halloween by the incredibly talented Misprint Thursday! Tip toe quietly through the forest on the first floor to soak up the floor to ceiling fountain.

Relax in a Trick or Treat Teacup or roll in the hay and soak up some 2nd floor art and treats from Divinity, Witchy Woman Designs and Blissie Boucher. Don't forget to grab your 2008 Bistro Olive Halloween Survival Kit!

Make sure to come by one of the weekend music events at the Bistro during this month to really soak up the spooky atmosphere!  Eclectic Rock from Taliesin Caewlin, Saturdays @ 1:30 pm SLT, Blue Olive Blues from Borday Moo, Sundays @ 4 pm SLT, and Olive Rock n Roll from Crighton Johin @ 6 pm SLT on Mondays.

The 3rd floor offers a ghastly ghostly cryptic experience that even includes a dance on a grave.  Many thanks to the lovely Cataplexia Numbers for her sculpty ghosts and haunting framed art that welcome patrons outside the Divinity crypt.

 Smooch with your sweetie on a shallow balcony grave... could it be the grave of Jim Morrison?  He maybe have wanted to be moved to the Bistro... just for Halloween.

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Parker said...

I do not do halloween, but I must say Kimala and Bigd you have done a grand job in your decorating. I will do my best to make it through the month and not be too creeped out while there for the wonderful DJs.

Perhaps if I keep my eye on SheD and Aeryn with all the laughs that come from those 'ladies' will help.